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Workspacebrussels is a workspace for live arts in their most diverse forms. Together with a diverse group of independent artists, we explore how the encounter of various disciplines such as performance, installation art, music, architecture, visual art and graphic design can lead to new art forms and new ways to exchange with various audiences. So first and foremost, we are a creative breeding ground that – thanks to our collaborations with Kaaitheater, Rosas, Les Brigittines, Ultima Vez, Beursschouwburg, ParckFarm and Recyclart – connects with very different parts of Brussels.

Joining forces generates a creative and open community in which over 50 artists a year develop their skills through a variety of projects. Some of them pass by to use the studios or to meet in our co-working space. Others share their experience through various workshops or coaching projects. And with 10 artists a year we produce a prototype or a new creation, ranging from interactive installations to all kinds of performances. We test run these productions with different audiences in different contexts such as arts festivals, galleries and museums, schools and universities, and neighbourhood initiatives. During our biannual festival, The Working Title Situation, we invite you to discover some of the most intriguing projects independent artists are developing in Brussels!

For the realization of the residency program and its festival, workspacebrussels can rely on an engaged partnership with five major players in Brussels: Kaaitheater, Rosas, Les Brigittines, Ultima Vez & Beursschouwburg. Workspacebrussels is structurally supported by the Flemish Community, the Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels Capital Region and is co-organizer in the European project Life Long Burning, supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.