Domenik Naue

Domenik Naue

Domenik Naue (he/him) - (1998) grew up in Weimar, Germany where he was surrounded by cultural institutions which was intimidating attimes, yet stimulated his interest in creating and experiencing art. his work(-ing) is transdisciplinary and combines physicalmovement, music-making, graphic design and videography.

Nowadays Domenik is exploring his situated-ness within the massive cultural archives with which he’s conversing. How can we look atall this information differently? How much can we bend it, and when is this appropriate or even necessary and when do we have tojust listen?

Throughout his teenage-hood he created theatre performances at a youth theatre in collaboration with his friends. Domenik'smovement background spans dance, gymnastics and circus practices. His experience as a performer includes working with artistssuch as Nicole Beutler, Dunja Jocic, Keren Rosenberg, Dario Tortorelli, Corneliu Ganea, Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo and Kazue Ikeda.

Since 2019 domenik is creating performance works in collaboration with Ashley Ho.