© Heine Avdal
© Heine Avdal


Heine Avdal (NO) has been active in the fields of contemporary dance, performance, video and visual arts. After studying at the Oslo National College of the Arts (1991-94) and PARTS 1995-96 (Brussels), he worked as a performer for various companies. He also collaborated with Mette Edvardsen, Liv Hanne Haugen, and Lawrence Malstaf on the performance installation Sauna in Exile (2005 - 2006), and choreographed horizontal plane (2010) for the Norwegian National Contemporary Dance Company Carte Blanche. Since 2000, Heine Avdal created and produced more than 20 different performing arts projects, most often in collaboration with Yukiko Shinozaki.

Yukiko Shinozaki (JP) studied classical ballet in Tokyo from age 6 to 18. After high school, she moved to the US to study contemporary dance and psychology at Portland State University. From 1993 to 1997 she lived in NYC, where she presented her own work at venues including the Judson Church, St Mark’s Church, and the Merce Cunningham Studio. She also danced in productions by Yasemeen Godder, Raimund Hoghe, Meg stuart, and many others. Since moving to Brussels in 1997, Yukiko Shinozaki created Breaking through the roof of its house (2005) and Inner Horizon (2005) together with French Visual artist Christelle Fillod, and hibi (2007) with Japanese choreographer Un Yamada. For over 20 years Shinozaki has been collaborating with Heine Avdal on several productions.

Avdal and Shinozaki together started their own company fieldworks (formerly named 'deepblue').

Since 2000 more than 20 productions were created, which all have been touring internationally. fieldworks productions are made for a wide variety of locations/settings, both public and private; for the theatre: you are here (2008), nothing's for something (2012), a supermarket: Borrowed Landscape (2013), a hotel room: Field Works-hotel (2011), an office: Field Works-office (2010), a concert hall: The Otheroom (2016 - a collaboration with contemporary music composer Rolf Wallin), or even a whole building and its surroundings: the site-specific project carry on (2015-2020). Avdal and Shinozaki's latest production unannounced (2017) is a performance on fragmentation of time and space that blurs the conventional distinctions between the ‘outside’ and the ‘inside’ of the aesthetic event. Currently they are working on a new production Assimilations (working title) inspired by the tactility of darkness, and to be premiered in 2021.