Igor Shyshko

© Raymond Mallentjer
© Raymond Mallentjer


Igor Shyshko (1975, Belarus) enrolled as a student in the dance department of the Belarusian University of Culture. After four years of study in Belarus, he was admitted to P.A.R.T.S. in 1997. He graduated in 2000 and became a dancer with Rosas that autumn.

In 2010 he left his full-time job at Rosas and started freelancing. The following years he worked with choreographers such as Arco Renz and Marc Vanrunxt.

During his search for a personal dance language and choreography, he created Darling with Moya Michael in 2014. In addition to his artistic work, Igor has always focused on his physical fitness. Upon his arrival in Brussels, he got to know yoga and became a keen practitioner, participating in and giving workshops throughout Europe and India.