Jonas Chéreau

© Jonas Chéreau
© Jonas Chéreau


Dancer and choreographer Jonas Chéreau (1984, France) considers dance as a field of adventures and encounters - a space where a non-hierarchical poetics is weaved by the performers through their bodies. As a dancer performer he has worked for different artists such as: Daniel Larrieu, Mickaël Phelippeau, Lilia Mestre, Sara Manente, Fanny de Chaillé, Anne Collod, Jocelyn Cottencin, Carole Perdereau, Alain Buffard, Pauline Brun and Diederik Peeters.

As a maker he co-creates performances with Madeleine Fournier, Jacques Bonnaffé and with the members of the collectif EDA. With his piece Baleine in 2019 in the format of a solo, Jonas Chéreau starts a new approach in the making and writing of his choreographic objects. And in 2020, he proposes the adaptation of this solo for a younger audience titled Temps de Baleine. Currently he’s working on his new project R É V E R B É R E R - a piece for 4 performers.

Jonas Chéreau is also involved with dance education in several institutions questioning through different formats the notions of transmission and collaboration.