Kaori Ishiguro

Kaori Ishiguro


Kaori Ishiguro (Japan, 1991) began practicing modern dance and ballet at an early age in Japan. After graduating from Japan Women’s College of Physical Education, she moved to Belgium in 2016 to study contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, where she graduated in 2019.

Her artistic practice started from questioning her position as a dancer, away from dance companies and the focus on technique. She searches for a new movement language, based on more simple, human movements, with repetition and small changes. She researches how to break/move the boundary between spectators and performers, not in an obvious way of interactive performances, but rather to create a shared feeling of being there and then, in the same moment. She believes it is important that we re- recognize that we are all in the same ‘one’ moment and from there on, she tries to emphasize the reality of ‘here and now’. Her work consists of immersive pieces that explore how the audience can gradually become aware of their mutual entanglement. By looking at the others, they can acknowledge themselves.

Since 2018 she has made several performances, including Last, First (2018), YumeUtsuTsu (2018,) NONAI (2019) and 1/f on an interval bounded away from both zero and infinity (2019); HACHŌ is the continuation of this project.

As a dancer/performer she is currently working with choreographer Francesca Chiodi Latini for JARDIN POILU, which will premiere in September 2020.