Rona Kennedy

© Karolina Muraszak
© Karolina Muraszak


Rona Kennedy builds worlds, creating cracks: temporary autonomous sites for experiment and agency. As an artist she uses performance, interventions in public space, audiovisual installations and workshops as ways to start conversations. She is curious about what can come into existence in these encounters.

Originally from the UK, she graduated in Theatre and Performance studies from the University of Warwick. She worked in London as a freelance artist with homeless young people, sex workers and refugees. Since living in Belgium she has worked as a director, performer and workshop facilitator for Mestizo Arts Platform, Victoria Deluxe, Bij de Vieze Gasten and Wisper among others, and as a teacher and artistic researcher at Karel de Grote university college.

She is fascinated by (collective) practices that explore multivocality, dialogue and reciprocity. She is part of the artistic research project Migrating Dialogues which works on Migration, power and privilege. She is cofounder of ZORAS collective. This interdisciplinary collective of artists and activists explores how we can move beyond binaries of hope/lessness, in/action to develop multiple and complex practices for ecological and social change.