TAAT operates as a performative spatial practice in between the fields of architecture, performance and artistic research. The core of their work is the project HALL33, a building that is a theatre play, and a theatre play that is a building. HALL33 facilitates encounters between audience members, institutions, practitioners, researchers and students and has been unfolding as ‘rehearsals through space’ from 2012 until now. All projects initiated by TAAT are framed within an open source methodology that is based on collective learning-by-doing approach. TAAT considers itself as a 'liquid collective', founded by Gert-Jan Stam and Breg Horemans in 2012.

After a collaboration on the project KHORI (Venlo, Floriade 2012) commissioned by Huis van Bourgondië, Maastricht NL. Ilona van den Brekel joined in 2016 as a general coördinator. TAAT focusses on individual connections within a larger frame of universities and multidisciplinary art institutions. They are currently developing HALL08-12 in collaboration with Efrosyni Tsiritaki (Athens, GR) Menzo Kircz (Amsterdam, NL), Pichaya Puapoomcharoen (Rotterdam, NL), Shaly López (Berlin, DE), Jenny Case (Dundee, UK), Liga Zepa (Riga, LV) and Goda Verikaite (Rotterdam, NL).