Festival Route 3: Full Moon

This route is part of the audio-visual summer programme "a room with a view" that can be followed online from 1 July until 31 August 2020.

Route 3: Full moon

Are you unable to sleep? Do you need something to calm you down? Or do you need to get some energy out before you go to bed? We have just the thing to connect body and mind.

Instructions for an optimal experience

  • Location: your home
  • Device: you will need a podcast player, a set of headphones and a sound system
  • Time frame: about 95 minutes
  • Language: English

Ready? Play

1. Dounia Mahammed
Panic & Other Attacks, episode 5: Polar Bear

Listen to this track on your laptop or podcast app. Headphones recommended.

2. Bára Sigfúsdóttir & Tinna Ottesen
FLÖKT: the podcast (26:30)

Go to a location in your home where you can move around freely. A view of the sky or trees is recommended. Use any podcast medium (laptop, smartphone...). Headphones recommended.

3. Dounia Mahammed
Panic & Other Attacks, episode 6: Panic

Listen to this track on your laptop or podcast app. Headphones recommended.

4. Helena Dietrich & Thomas Proksch
Biomorphia (59:45)

This is the festival after party. Follow the instructions and dance...

  • Make yourself comfortable at home or get together with a small group of friends at someone’s house. This is a one hour listening journey. Create a time frame, so you can listen without interruption. Leave some time afterwards to come down and integrate your experience.
  • Prepare the space > create your dance cave > move furniture out of the way > low light or complete darkness > good speakers on max volume
  • Prepare water, don’t get dehydrated!
  • Wear comfortable clothes or get naked if you like
  • Listen closely to your body, feel free to follow any impulse to move or rest after the journey ends, take your time to come back, don’t rush, maybe write down some thoughts, draw or spend a moment in silence

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