Open Studios 2023

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During this new edition of the Open Studios, we welcome you to various locations in the city, with the Kaaistudio’s as the heart of the festival. Central to the program is the question of how we can create space for new forms of togetherness, reflection and resistance in times of crisis.

This edition pays tribute to a group of artists who are completing an artistic development trajectory at workspacebrussels. In her work, dancer caterina daniela mora jara questions the dominance of western dance traditions. During the Open Studios she organises a program with six solos by Brussels artists from the diaspora. The collective Dancing at the Crossroads (As We Walk) reflects on colonial power structures at work in the contemporary dance world. You will get an insight into their research practice in the form of lectures, performances and conversations. Get to know Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Moya Michael, Fabian Barba, Atabey Mamasita, Sujata Goel and Jolie Ngemi.

You can also sample a wide range of artistic practices. In a powerful physical and auditory ritual, Amparo Gonzalez Sola has three women work on a block of concrete. Mira Bryssinck reads from a text about melancholy and Elien Ronse gives insight into her research into the meaning of friendship. During a durational performance in WIELS, Nikima Jagudajev creates temporary communities between performers and viewers. We round off the three days with a vegetal performance by Azahara Ubera and an intimate dance duet by Carolina Mendonça.

Finally, be surprised by artists Filip Vest, Kai Merke and Emile Pineault, who create unexpected interventions in the corridors and intermediate spaces of the Kaaistudio’s.

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