CCC#1: Courtney Cox Courgette/Creating Canon of the Contemporary

In this project Heleen Mineur & Levi van Gelder aim to employ counterfactual and speculative fanfiction as a research method.

© Heleen Mineur & Levi van Gelder
© Heleen Mineur & Levi van Gelder

They investigate the limits of critical writing in script-for-performance (or not-performance), whilst giving complex or contemporary issues a voice, a smell and perhaps even a set of lyrics. Through establishing an archive of counterfactual characters they attempt to lay bare the many paradoxes of current times; its abundance and entropy. Devoted to the sensibilities of ‘camp’, as much as the sensibilities of a post-truth era, they reclaim and re-appropriate queer narratives and tropes inside and outside the (often copyrighted) imagery of late capitalism.

They seek to portray fabulations with significant meaning, mix facts with fiction with feeling; by letting ancient relics chat with characters from The L Word (2004), genetically modified courgettes and cryodesiccated corpses; discussing silk menstrual underwear and post-capitalist utopias.

Research and Creatie: Heleen Mineur & Levi van Gelder


22.02.2022 - 10.03.2022