Dancefloor Laboratory / Research Group

During her residency, Alle Dicu forms a transdisciplinary research group with dancers and dance students who engage themselves during two weeks for an eclectic, experimental research experience.

Alle Dicu - Dancefloor laboratory 4:3

Together they form a laboratory of practice and reflection on the notion of ‘the dancefloor’, a topic that Alle has been investigating for some time. The sessions consist of collective readings, discussions, sound listenings and dance sessions based on Alle’s bibliography and visual collection, and most essentially each participant’s personal input and interests. The purpose of this group is to develop ideas and methods, rather than to prove facts in a final and determinate way.

By: Alle Dicu — With: Jonathan Franz (artist, writer), Lize de Coster (neuroscientist), Chloe Chignell (dancer), Mara Kirchberg (dancer), Lies de Bruyn (dancer) & Bogdana Dima (musician) — Supported by: workspacebrussels



07.08.2018 - 26.08.2018
Ultima Vez