There is a long history in the arts of anthropomorphism in which we focus on the interests of humans and solely humans.

Karin Verbruggen - Dingen  16:9

Now is the time to, in the arts as well as more in general, take a step back and show empathy for our environment. We will have to learn to (re)understand how our environment functions. We can no longer afford to exclusively study our environment to then adapt it to our needs. It is time to see the bigger picture.s

In Dingen kinetic objects that are driven by elements such as water, air and chemical reactions are the protagonists of a nature documentary for the stage. Together they will form a choreography in a human-built structure.

Karin Verbruggen - Dingen 16:9
Concept & choreography: Karin Verbruggen — Architect: Michael Langeder — Technical advice & design: Martijn Meyer — Scenographic advice: Matthieu Blond — With the support of: workspacebrussels, Vooruit, Sub Rosa Space — Funded by: Flanders State of the Art


16.09.2019 - 27.09.2019
Les Brigittines