Field of View

Kevin Trappeniers is a visual theatre maker. Although he had a master of arts in linguistics and literature, and although communication plays a major role in his work – how does communication work and what impact does it have? – he uses words sparingly.

Kevin Trappeniers - Field of View 16:9

Light, sound, play, movement and scenography are his theatrical vernacular. During this research he looks into if and how he can add spoken and written human language to his vocabulary, and how language can become visual and physical.

He researches the slow or immediate power of public (and often political) storytelling, how public meaning becomes private and vice versa, and in what way language is a (dis)connecting factor in human relations. As such he researches connections, or the lack thereof, between groups of humans. Specific interest goes to using Ma (negative space), described as “emptiness full of possibilities”. Considering a poem describing Ma as “Walls with windows and doors form the house, though the space within them is the essence of the house”, Trappeniers focuses on individuals in society in relation to the social cohesion between those individuals (i.e. community forming).

By: Kevin Trappeniers — Residency: workspacebrussels


08.07.2019 - 28.07.2019