Hexeneinmaleins is an excerpt from the witch scene in Faust from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and means "magic formula". This research is about the relationship between our collective imagination of witches and the historic events of the witch-hunts.

Nazanin Fakoor - Hexeneinmaleins 16:9

The fantastic and surreal image that we have of the witch is in extreme contrast to the actual witch-hunts that took place mostly during the late renaissance period (16th and 17th century) during which thousands of innocent women were tortured and killed.

Our modern society is shaped by this period of witch-hunts and the use of a scapegoat to blame our collective problems on, is a phenomenon that has been carried forward to the present day. The witch-hunts, their irrationality and inaccessibility of rational common sense until the accumulation of hate speech and hostility become obsessional and justify physical violence, tell us a lot about our today’s society.

The annihilation of entire families and the eradication of certain beliefs andbehaviours that were considered intolerable shaped how society evolved.

By: Nazanin Fakoor - Residency support: workspacebrussels


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