Images for Mars II

Coproduction 2018

For the video work IMAGES FOR MARS II (life-sized projection) Karl Van Welden investigates the effect of a disaster on the human body.

Karl Van Welden  - Images For Mars II

We see people in a state of carelessness, until a dark ash rain falls upon them, turning their idyll into a catastrophe. Or how a blissful picnic in the park becomes a scene of charred bodies on a patch of scorched earth. During the action the falling ash rain transforms the image slowly but steadily. The performers fight their personal battle while their vitality is under threat. As the physical body changes state, the image becomes a monochrome. Once the dust cloud settles completely, image and movement solidify.

The choreography and movements are inspired by archaeological finds from Pompeii and Herculaneum, which literally show the positions of bodies at the moment of a catastrophe.

Production: wpZimmer — Co-production: Concertgebouw Brugge, C-TAKT, workspacebrussels — Picture: Pulvis et umbra sumus © 2012 Karl Van Welden