Josephine or how to get away from the table

Loosely based on Kafka’s story Josephine the singer or the mouse folk, Lili and her collaborator, Thomas Kitsche are “translating” a longer text into a spoken word- / sound poem-staged solo for an actor.

Lili Rampre - Josephine or how to get away from the table 16:9

Written in 1924, as the last one of Kafka’s animal stories, Josephine is thematising the position of an artist in society, the nature of artistic activity and the voice as neither synonymous nor co-extensive with speech. Intertwining the spoken word and movement, Kitsche and Rampre will share and further expand on previously established strategies of exploring the narrative voice of a story and the implications of the voice of a contemporary artist.

residency support by workspacebrussels



14.06.2021 - 20.06.2021