Kilma hilwa

Kilma hilwa (working title) is a beginning of a research that started from the question of “What is the placement of the mother tongue- when it’s not English- within artistic practices that evolve in a surrounding where no one speaks it?”

Marah Haj Hussein - Kilma Hilwa 16:9

It is an attempt to challenge the power of language and our habits of always wanting to understand the meaning. It looks for ways on how to use language for purposes other than communication, while examining constantly the relationship between one’s own mother tongue (language) and other languages that one speaks (anti-language).

Language is an element that has the capability of defining our appearance and social status. Observing our artistic environment in Belgium, we notice that English- the international language that represents an aesthetic and an intellectual style- is the most used language in the performing arts field.

Since our society is full of languages, how do we define the term “foreign language”?
What borders do we create for ourselves towards it?
How can we still be curious for something that we don't understand?

Since Arabic will rule the stage, this project aims to create a dialogue of a common language between the performer and the spectator. It invites you to allow yourself to break the stereotypes and create new associations from what you hear, see and imagine.

Creation & Research: Marah Haj Hussein - Residency support: workspacebrussels


20.06.2022 - 01.07.2022

Ultima Vez