Live editing: an epistemological strategy of non-liniarity

During the residency at workspacebrussels Eva la Cour will organise a series of artistic practice experiments with video live editing.

© Eva la Cour
© Eva la Cour

This is a meta-reflexive (and political) experimentation that addresses questions of technology in relation to affective and historical knowledges. Situated between traditions of experimental ethnography and essayistic approaches to film as practice, la Cour will work with live editing as a method of what I term post-future essayism: a precarious filmic methodology and epistemological strategy of the moving image developed in responds to a discontentment with current portrayals of the Arctic, that produce the region as an outside to the global west. Aesthetically, post-future essayism more precisely proposes to pay attention to (and offer care about) fragmentary and momentary compositionals effect, with a desire to navigate and negotiate the role of film in relation to a historiographic concept of futurity. For example, by engaging its site of presentation, its technical errors during production and social impulses of the lives of people taking part in it. She is eager to further qualify what this can ‘look’ like in practice, and I look forward to use my time in Brussels visiting film archives, talking to local practitioners and organizing live editing events.

Research & Creation: Eva la Cour — Residency support: workspacebrussels



27.06.2022 - 10.07.2022