MILIEU - Rituals for in Transition Landscapes

MILIEU is a cycle of rituals (performances, conferences, ateliers) that works on the resemantization of the concept of landscape.

Leonardo Delogu - Milieu 16:9

It focusses on the immersive and relational dimension, on the vision of landscape as a tension field within which each living being acts, on the possibility that the concept of landscape offers to reduce the distance between subject and object until the disappearance of the limit, until the fusion of internal and external.

Probably we are about to face the greatest extinction of species that we have ever seen, and, perhaps, what we need are not "revolutions" but a "metamorphosis of species". Probably we have to accompaign ourselves into a huge and fast transformation. Rituals are those collective acts that humans do to recognize and become aware of the losses we suffer and Rituals are the acts that guide us into transformation, collectively.

MILIEU [comp. di mi "middle" e lieu "place"] for its etymological status of medium, of space between, makes a deviation from the word "landscape" commonly understood as frontal vision, panoramic or "environment" that is surrounding and therefore still emphasizes the distance between subject and object. It also makes a deviation from the word "environment" as a pure scientific, biological and measurable fact but offers itself as a layered concept that also contains the social, economic and cultural dimension. Above all MILIEU contains movement, tells a reality that is the result of a continuous process of transformation of the parts immersed in a vast network of invisible and visible relationships. In the Age of Capitalocene, against the black wave coming from each corner of the world we need contemporary rituals to be prepared for the great losses we're going to suffer, to go further the darkest night and make a new landscape where humans feel themselves as a piece of a big puzzle.

Concept: Leonardo Delogu — Production: DOM — With the support of: workspacebrussels, wpzimmer