my shadow used to have a density

“sleeping is overrated” - the slogan of a famous dutch coffee brand resonates loud and clear. in the 21st century there is no space for inefficiency and lack of productivity. we live in an era that expects us to be awake at any moment, to be ready, to be ‘on’. cities are lit 24/7, their activity increasing or decreasing in intensity but never stopping.

Francesca Lazzeri - my shadow used to have a density

at workspacebrussels italian artist francesca lazzeri (formerly wild vlees) starts her creation process for her new production my shadow used to have a density, premiering in august 2020 at theaterfestival boulevard. together with performers anna bentivegna and gerben vaillant, she zooms into the dynamics of a society obsessed by electronic devices and dominated by light.

starting from a physical and visual background the artists research how hyper-activity and exposure affect the individual in a profound way, risking to undermine the complexity of life by imposing efficiency and proactiveness.

*this text has been written in lower case. francesca lazzeri requested to not use any capital letters in this text in an attempt to put her vision of equality into practice.

Concept, direction & space design: Francesca Lazzeri — Performance: Anna Bentivegna, Gerben Vaillant — Sound: Luke Deane — Production: Vera Andeweg — Creative Production: Job Rietvelt — Communication: Andrea Rogolino — Conceptual dramaturgy: Elowise Vanderbroecke — Artistic advice: Loes Van der Pligt — Space design: Erik Van Wijdeven — Co-production: Schweigman& (NL), Theaterfestival Boulevard (NL), Spring Festival Utrecht (NL), WILD VLEES (NL) — In collaboration with: Vooruit (BE), workspacebrussels (BE), het Huis Utrecht (NL), Festival Cement (NL) — Supported by: Plan Talentontwikkeling Brabant, Fonds Podiumkunsten Nederland


25.11.2019 - 15.12.2019