Or How I Became the Room

Or How I Became The Room deals with uncontrollable physical manifestations and reflexes of the body, like goosebumps, blushing, stuttering, blinking, tremors and spasms.

Leen Van Dommelen - Or how I became the room 16:9

Leen Van Dommelen calls them betrayals because they feel as if the body betrayed and translated our inner world into matter (and movement) beyond our will. From something hidden, intimate and only perceptible for ourselves to something open to be seen and interpreted by others.

In a room a person is exposed, analysed and dissected bit by bit. The body unfolds in space, with space. But this unfolding occurs under a constant tension. A tension that arises between the body that wants to release (show/betray) and the mind that wants to hide. A tension that moves on the border between reality and imagination, inside and outside, matter and non-matter, control and the loss of control, between a child’s game and not a game at all.

Concept & performance: Leen Van Dommelen — External eye & technical adviser: Hans Van Wambeke – External eye: Damla Ekin Tokel — Residencies: workspacebrussels, BUDA Arts Centre (Kortrijk), Charleroi Danse


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