Other Enter

Coproduction 2019

Other Enter is a performance about artistic participation in the life of others, in local politics, within unknown territories, in the neighborhood.

Einat Tuchman - Other enter 16:9

Einat Tuchman wishes to communicate the journey she took during the last years into the bewilderedness of her neighborhood - Quartier Liberateurs in Molenbeek. Her plan is to perform and portray the many surprising, enriching, discouraging, hopeful and hopeless encounters she had, trying to develop an artistic project by reassembling social differences. She wants to create on stage a sort of mind map or a maquette of the different encounters, concepts, events, paradoxes, realizations that she experienced during this local artistic research. On one hand Tuchman wants to perform those situations as testimonies of a social investigation. On the other hand she wants the audience to get involved and to contemplate with her on some dilemmas about art and the social reality, inclusivity, change and Molenbeek.

Performers: Einat Tuchman, Doha Jaadi — Direction: Einat Tuchman — Dramaturgy: Tom Viaene (Gerardo Salinas) — With support of: KVS, Nadine, Buda Kortrijk, workspacebrussels



16.09.2019 - 25.09.2019
15.04.2019 - 20.04.2019