Parallel Perceptions

Since 2015, Elli and Maya have been making and researching videowalking as a creative tool for community building, proprioceptive expression, group composition, environment-based art, participatory design, choreography and counter-mapping.

Maya Dalinsky & Elli Vassalou - parallel perceptions 16:9

Parallel Perceptions: Researching Frames and Fictions is a research lab on videowalking intended to help the artists exchange knowledge and practices with people in the fields of filmmaking, performance, experimental storytelling and dramaturgy. Videowalks are pre-recorded trajectories replayed on a handheld screen. Participants layer this screen over a given space, and try to make video match reality by moving in space and imagining that they are filming what they see. The players enact the trajectory guided by the video and embody the spaces, movements and framing of the original cameraperson.

Elli and Maya have created videowalks for festivals like Athens Video Dance Project and Urban Emptiness (Nicosia), and offered the Parallel Perceptions workshop on videowalking tools for various groups and venues, such as in Brussels at École de Recherche Graphique, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Publieke_Salon_Public , and in Ghent at the Open Design Course at KASK and the Participatory Video Festival 2018.

Concept & facilitation: Maya Dalinsky & Elli Vassalou — Invited guest: Shanti Suki Osman — Supported by: European Cultural Foundation (STEPS Mobility Grant) — Residency: workspacebrussels


28.11.2019 - 17.12.2019