Plus One

Plus One is a performance for one spectator that can be performed in any venue with four walls and a door. The scenic elements are a table, two chairs, and a 1000 pieces puzzle.

Plus One - Sophie Guisset 16:9

The image of the puzzle represents a pornographic scene realised in collaboration with the porn movie maker Goodyn Green and 5 performers. Focusing our gaze on an image, a picture of a sexual nature, and having to communicate about the content of that image will free our speech, and create a somewhat intimate atmosphere, reinforced by our physical (but protected) promiscuity. The field of subtle erotic tension that will emerge will be compact and tenuous, encompassing the table, hands and eyes of the players.

Concept & performance: Sophie Guisset — Dramaturgy: Lisa Vereertbrugghen — Sound design: Dance Divine — Residency support: workspacebrussels


28.12.2020 - 03.01.2021