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© Sofie Durnez & Tim Coenen
© Sofie Durnez & Tim Coenen

The costumes of Sofie Durnez dress up characters, movements, stories and contexts. Her scenographies are evolving landscapes.

While in residency at workspacebrussels, Sofie will start working with both of them while looking for overlap, synergy and contrast in images and materials. By using light, scent and temperature in her creations, she explicitly looks for the physical boundaries.

Tim Coenen will develop acoustic building blocks for scenes, creating a mini database of sound that can be used in a backing track or soundtrack. He will be an ally and an assistant in developing scenes and experimenting with moving light and changing shadows.

Creation & Research: Sofie Durnez & Tim Coenen — Residency support: workspacebrussels


06.09.2021 - 18.09.2021