Retrieve / Extraits d’Afrique sets out to explore the place occupied nowadays in our interiors by "African objects".

Anne Thuot - Retrieve 16:9

Participative and multidisciplinary (with video, performance and writing), this project's starting point consists in interviews conducted with residents from various European cities, who own "African objects" and, through them, maintain emotional links with the African Continent.

Manufactured in Africa, imported, looted or passed on from one generation to another, these objects have travelled all the way to Europe and carry within them a series of multiple, contradictory stories that link the two continents. Their journey, from country to country, from city to city, or from the mantelpiece to the cupboard, tell the story of a singular relationship and of an emotional, historical and political memory. They reveal different facets of our respective histories.

Retrieve / Extraits d’Afrique is then shared with the public through an in situ video installation that brings together and animates the various Afro-European objects and stories collected in each city. A cross of true accounts and fiction, of interviews and performance interventions, this installation combines heartfelt words with filmed images of Lydia Richardson, an eccentric character that embodies the so-called completeness and privileges of the European identity, that Anne Thuot has now for two years been bringing to life.

A project by Anne Thuot — In collaboration with Flore Herman & Sara Sampelayo — With the participation of inhabitants of different European cities — With the support of CIFAS (Brussels), IN SITU- European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space, Lieux Publics (Marseille), C-TAKT (Neerpelt), workspacebrussels & Fast asbl.


08.01.2018 - 20.01.2018