Slovakia—What's the Story, Mum?

Katja Dreyer - Slovakia 16:9

Slovakia—What's the Story, Mum? starts from a moment in 1968 in Czechoslovakia when Soviet troops invaded the country and ended a period of hope and socialism with a friendly face, also called the Prague Spring.

It is also about the moment a young woman stood up from her chair and decided to leave her country to search for a 'normal life,' a life without fear. It is also about those who decided to stay because you can't just leave a sinking ship and give it to the sea monsters.

It's about giving up the freedom of knowing where you are for the freedom of being where no one knows you. It's about mothering, motherhood, transmission, care, and chaos—a daughter trying to understand the stories of her mothers. It's about courage and resilience, and it is about today.

And it features Peter Savel, Anna Halasz, Anne van de Star, Benne Doeusselaere, Esther Severi, Rodrigo Batista, and Katja Dreyer.

By and with: Peter Savel, Esther Severi, Anna Halasz, Benne Doeusselaere, Anne van de Star, Rodrigo Batista - Partners: Kaaitheater, BUDA, KWP, Rezi Dance, Nova Synangoga, Monty, workspacebrussels



01.07.2024 - 10.07.2024