th lng gdby

Coproduction 2020

In th lng gdby (working title) Tuur Marinus tries to choreographically create new senses of potentiality of collectivity.

© Tuur Marinus
© Tuur Marinus

Where tightly choreographed group work often seems to orient itself towards a socio-political interpretative framing (utopian vs. dystopian) which relies on standardised notions of identity (individu vs. group), one of the aims of this work is to make choreographical propositions that problematise such identity-based readings in order to create new opennesses vis-a-vis collective presences.

It aims to do this through two interacting motions: firstly -in terms of movement- by shifting notions around identity and agency, and secondly -in terms of presence- by privileging affective forms of presence over identity-based notions of presence.

This project aims to grant movement the agency that is normally reserved for the ‘subject’. When movement takes the place -or rather the agency- of the subject, ‘collectivity’ can become one of its (temporal) objects. This sort of temporal collectivity attains tangibility through an affective understanding of presence rather than through identity-based notions of presence.

Choreography: Tuur Marinus - Dance: Hernan Mancebo Martinez/Mathias Skole, Machias Bosschaerts, Flup Marinus, Samuel Baidoo, Julia Godino Llorens, Tuur Marinus, Mery Coopman, Inez Verhille, Margot Masquelier - Dramaturgy: Ariadna Estalella - Production: Opening Hours vzw - Co-production: C-Takt, workspacebrussels, Concertgebouw, KAAP - Thank you to: wpZimmer, DE Studio, CcBe, Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, all dancers and colleagues that have contributed to this project - With the support of: the city of Antwerp