The Counterpoint of a Movement in Excess

The Counterpoint of a Movement in Excess dismantles the act of waiting, on the level of everyday life and as a (linguistic) choreography, inscribing a pattern with its own scripture, rhythm, form and context.

“In notifying a dividing line between the perceptible and the imperceptible, the significant and the insignificant, I realised how many of us become collectively unaware or inattentive for everyday gestures, discourses and acts.”

From the understanding that the everyday body is also a profoundly performative body Steenbergen questions how the body becomes a site subjected to social and political struggle. How can formats such as a script and/or a choreography represent mechanisms of power and draw the act of waiting as one big live rehearsal?

Concept & script by Anneleen Steenbergen - Text edited by Barnaby Drabble - Residency support by Villa Ruffieux & workspacebrussels


06.01.2020 - 12.01.2020