The Eco-Sexcursion

The Eco-Sexcursion is a performative walk in which the audience is taken alongside the hidden green spots of Brussels. The attempt is to seduce the audience to undress our conditioned and estranged relationship with nature and unveil a mutual dependency. To do this, Nora Ramakers dives into a radical form of climate activism, also called the ‘ecosexual movement’. At the core of this movement lies the idea that we should no longer treat the earth as an infinite resource, but as a lovable subject. Their credo says: “Treat the earth as lover, not as mother.”

During the residency Nora will go into the field, map the vegetation of the area around workspacebrussels and dive into the history of the vegetation and its properties. Besides the mapping, she will be creating interactive invitations that stimulate the walking audience to engage their bodies and senses in discovering the local flora. The mapping will result in an erotic map on which you can see a selection of what Nora calls ‘eco-erogenous zones’.

Concept, Text and Performance: Nora Ramakers — Dramaturgical advice: Luca Bryssinck — Residency support: workspacebrussels



26.07.2021 - 04.09.2021