The Electric Lucifer

The Electric Lucifer (working title) focuses on notions of physical performance and of injunction to happiness through the fantasy of transhumanism.

© Julie Chapallaz
© Julie Chapallaz

The research will zoom in on issues of body improvement, optimizing the physical and intellectual potentials specific to transhumanism, and on possible connections with body positivism and happiness management. All to generate physical experiences, and extract a mechanics from the absurd.

Concept and direction: Oriane Varak — Creation and performance: Audrey Lucie Riesen — Music: Guillaume Le Boisselier — Dramaturgy: Olivier Hespel — Props, costumes, set design: Julie Chapallaz — Light design: Jef Philips — Coproduction: La Balsamine — Support: Grand Studio, workspacebrussels



28.10.2019 - 31.10.2019
Ultima Vez