Coproduction 2018

Trepkodoune is a performance piece based on Bulgarian and Japanese poetry. These two poetries have particular rhythm related to our own body’s memory.

Osonai Todorova - Trepkodoune 16:9

This unforgettable rhythm will be transposed into concrete material and shapes by using movement, voice, space, etc. Working with rhythm that is related to our own body’s memory and sensitivity, means working with the invisible, the elusive. The space in which Yumi Osanai and Boryana Todorova move translate these characteristics as well. Layers will be created in the space to show or hide parts of the body, to zoom in on a part that is exposed and its movement for a moment.

Concept, Creation & Performance: Boryana Todorova, Yumi Osanai — In collaboration with: workspacebrussels


05.02.2018 - 06.02.2018
20.01.2018 - 25.01.2018
04.12.2017 - 19.12.2017

Past events

Never Walk Alone #3: Trepkodoune

8.02.2018 20:30 - 21:15

Day of Dance: Trepkodoune

28.04.2018 14:30 - 22:00