Coproduction 2019

How do we deal with mourning and loss in these times?

© Carolin Monthaye
© Carolin Monthaye

Life is a succession of tilting moments, smaller and bigger positive and negative shift which change you inevitably. The decreasing interest in traditional rituals to experience moments of transition, leads to a search for alternatives. Therefore, Barbara Raes founded Beyond The Spoken, a workspace for unacknowledged loss. In the Kaaistudio's she shares her practice, together with six artists with vastly different cultural backgrounds. All of them situate their work in between art and ritual.

Rituals for Unacknowledged Loss: Bilal Alnouri, Gabino Rodriguez, Jassem Hindi, Leonardo Delogu, Melih Gençboyaci, Mieko Suzuki - Food artist: Barbara Prada - An initiative by: Barbara Raes & Beyond the Spoken - In collaboration with: workspacebrussels & Kaaitheater - Special thanks to: Kristin Verellen & We have the choice, Ann Weckx & TOPAZ, Barbara Prada



17.03.2019 - 23.03.2019