Meryem Bayram and Hans Demeulenaere quickly found each other in the idea of making a book together, each from their own practice. A book that reads like and refers to a performance.

Meryem Bayram & Hans Demeulenaere - Whole 16:9

Their first common spatial form was the ‘point’. The point in space, the point in the plane, the point on the sheet. On the other hand, the point is the negation of that same space: a hole, a perforation. From this concept of perforations, they started to collect and index very diverse objects with perforations based on their functionality, size, action, sculpturality, etc. in order to characterize each object.

All these objects in space are in a constant rotation of actions and determine both the scenography and the performance by means of a ‘score’: the book – as a manual – makes it possible to activate the whole. Together, the book, the performance and the installation form a constant play and rotation between the reality of the objects in space on the one hand and the depicted and the descriptive on the other.

Concept & objects: Meryem Bayram & Hans Demeulenaere — Text: Jan Matthé — Design: Oliver Ibsen — Production: Platform 0090 — Co-production: Tique art space, BUDA Kunstencentrum, Frans Masereel Centrum — With support from: the Flemish Government, workspacebrussels


07.01.2019 - 18.01.2019