Open Studio: Ashley Ho & Domenik Naue - floor (triptych)

floor (triptych) will document the reconstruction of floor (triptych) from memory. This was a performance draft we made in 2020, which felt so relevant then – well, now we are staring at its ruins.

© Ashley ho & Domenik Naue
© Ashley ho & Domenik Naue

The Original Version followed the journey of a roll of dance floor, which was folded, flattened, moulded, caressed, and suspended. In doing so, it transformed into various charts and landscapes, documenting a timeline, a soundtrack, and a monolith in memory of someone. At least this is what we remember it to be – the film recordings of every part were either dramatically lost or never happened.

As GENERATION 0 COVID BABIES whose beginning works are being defined by constant interruption, we are curious about how our unrealised works converse with this stunted experience of time. If we treat floor (triptych) as an artwork that documented a slice of history, how can we approach its ruins? During our initial attempts to recall the work, we became more curious about the practice of art restoration than the original work itself, and are researching into restorative techniques, values, and the discourse that surrounds it.

Creation & Performance: Ashley Ho & Domenik Naue — Residency support: workspacebrussels

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23.06.2022 | 14:00 - 15:00





dance, performance, installation

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