Katharinajej photographer unknown


katharinajej (1982, Germany) is a Cologne based artist. She studied Fine Arts and Performance Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and the Universitiy of Fine Arts in Valencia and Brunswick.

Her artistic interventions displace our every-day-life. She creates close situations with strangers that transform urban anonymity into a space of trust and connection. In 2019 and 2020 she became living sculptures by standing cheek to cheek together with strangers on the streets of Cologne in Germany and Yangon in Myanmar. In the years before, in Aachen and Cologne, she invited strangers to her hammock hanging between a street lamp and traffic lights or to lie down with her on a white blanket at the sidewalk in Holzminden, Sokolovsko and Schwabach. Since 2007 she works together with Julia Dick as the artist duo katze und krieg.

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