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Public Showing: PURE by Christian Bakalov
07/07/2018 > 26/08/2018

PURE is a performative and immersive installation by Christian Bakalov. It is the second part of the ETERNIA trilogy, developed from Spinoza's concept of "Eternity", which is closely linked to birth and death. Oscillating between...... Read more

Dancefloor Laboratory by Alle Dicu

During three weeks in August, Romanian artist Alle Dicu led a transdisciplinary research group with dancers and dance students engaging themselves in an eclectic experimental experience. They formed a laboratory of practice and reflection on the...... Read more

Never Walk Alone: Travel Stories in Dance
13/10/2018 > 23/03/2019

With Never Walk Alone, CC Strombeek and workspacebrussels present a series of three evenings during which young choreographers hit the stage to share their work and travel stories with you. In dialogue with young visual artists and culinary...... Read more

In residency

20/08/2018 > 02/09/2018

An Imaginary Symposium is a theatre project that attempts to carefully construct alternatives modes of sociability in order to reimagine together our realities today and in the future. Its aim is to reactivate common thinking and imagining, by...... Read more

07/08/2018 > 26/08/2018

During her residency, Alle Dicu forms a transdisciplinary research group with dancers and dance students who engage themselves during two weeks for an eclectic, experimental research experience. Together they form a laboratory of practice and...... Read more

17/08/2018 > 31/08/2018

For the video work IMAGES FOR MARS II (life-sized projection) Karl Van Welden investigates the effect of a disaster on the human body. We see people in a state of carelessness, until a dark ash rain falls upon them, turning their idyll into a...... Read more

20/08/2018 > 25/08/2018

Since a couple of years, Clara Guémas intervenes as an artist and choreographer in prisons. She questions the place of the body in these isolated spaces, and the restrained and controlled life in prison. In continuity of this research, she...... Read more

15/10/2018 > 25/10/2018

I’ve lost a lot in 2016: a fiancé, my cat, a grandmother, a house by the sea full of memories, my twenties, a mentor, my favorite actress, my favorite playwright, a producer, a friend, a healer, a fantasy. Collectively we have lost:...... Read more

02/07/2018 > 26/08/2018

PURE is an immersive performance installation that investigates how our most intimate imagination and narratives infuence our future. Guided on a parcours of living statues, the audience activates these situations by their physical presence. With...... Read more

05/07/2018 > 30/09/2018

Several years ago, the artist Eric Arnal-Burtschy, chose to join the army. He took part in a war in 2017, where a Jihadist’s diary was found after fighting series of fights. This Jihadist told his own story and his diary also contained the...... Read more