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Never Walk Alone: Travel Stories in Dance
13/10/2018 > 22/03/2019

With Never Walk Alone, CC Strombeek and workspacebrussels present a series of three evenings during which young choreographers hit the stage to share their work and travel stories with you. In dialogue with young visual artists and culinary...... Read more

Salon #1: Why we keep doing it

Salon is a meeting place for artists from different disciplines and backgrounds. For every salon, an artist is invited to formulate a question for the participants, based on their artistic work. As a nomadic project, Salon has no fixed location, and...... Read more

Performatik: 'The Senders' by Stav Yeini
15/03/2019 > 17/03/2019

In her work, choreographer Stav Yeini fundamentally rethinks the codes of dance and performance. She creates multi-sensory spaces that allow and encourage the physical participation of the visitors. Through a sensorial choreography of sounds,...... Read more

Performatik / Never Walk Alone #7: ‘Fourfold (autonomous scenography)’ by Meryem Bayram

In the work of Meryem Bayram the exploration for intersections between man and environment is key. Using materials such as wood, cardboard and elastic bands, she creates installations that map out the flight lines of the environment and at the same...... Read more

Performatik: 'U-loss' by Barbara Raes
22/03/2019 > 23/03/2019

How do we deal with mourning and loss nowadays? Life is a succession of transitional moments, major and minor connections that inevitably change you. The decreasing importance of traditional rituals to experience transitional moments has...... Read more

Dag van de dans 2019

Within the framework of Dag Van De Dans, workspacebrussels presents 3 try-outs at Kanal - Centre Pompidou.  14:00 DAN MUSSETT & LAURENT DELOM dddddddddduettttttttttttttttttttttttt In their very first performance together, dancers...... Read more

In residency

04/03/2019 > 15/03/2019

Calculated Risk uses various media (film, theatre, performance, installation and public intervention) to investigate how we – as human beings – constantly keep ourselves in balance, constantly threaten to fall, and how we simultaneously...... Read more

11/03/2019 > 22/03/2019

Wouter Krokaert’s art practice evolves around the observation and unravelling of his surroundings. The decision to use a certain medium, results from the desire to concentrate on an aspect of the whole. Thus, when drawing with pencil on paper,...... Read more

08/04/2019 > 21/04/2019

Critical Techno is a trance lecture dance meditation, a two hour collective journey in-between listening, dancing, words, sounds, beats, sweat, constellations and bodies in space towards an unknown destination. A sea of voices and sounds through...... Read more

08/04/2019 > 19/04/2019

In their very first performance together, dancers Dan Musset and Laurent Delom go in search of the perfect symbiosis. What happens when two individuals give up their individuality for a unity that transcends them? In a playful exploration of what it...... Read more

19/02/2019 > 03/03/2019

Enchaînement is Taka Shamoto’s first solo performance. It invites you into a world in which fiction and non-fiction are intertwined. It focuses on concepts such as loss, disappearance and the pursuit of memories. Shamoto realises that...... Read more

01/04/2019 > 06/04/2019

In their improvisation, choreographer Charlotte Vanden Eynde and double bass player Nicolas Rombouts explore the power and vulnerability of creating in the here and now. For Rombouts playing music is instant composition, for Vanden Eynde dancing is...... Read more

20/04/2019 > 26/04/2019

With L’Océan Clara Guémas conducts a sensitive research into the lives of some of the newcomers in Brussels. Mazina has just turned eighteen. She is curious, discovers the theatre, talks about her point of view as a woman, and...... Read more

18/02/2019 > 23/02/2019

Match is a duet that takes relation as sport and emotion as score. Two players test the grounds of competition itself, but the rules are always changing. Adapt or perish. Produce or perish.   First, we play by the rules: head-to-head,...... Read more

26/03/2019 > 07/04/2019

In Nakami Ikue Nakagawa translates her series of drawings 'ça va pas' using scenography and the body. This series of drawings represent all her thoughts, and triggered an intense discussion with herself. The drawings often depict a...... Read more

19/02/2019 > 03/03/2019

Clara Guémas has been working for several years as an artist and choreographer in prisons. She questions the place of the body in these isolated spaces and the restrained and controlled life in these prisons. In this first cycle of her...... Read more

25/02/2019 > 09/03/2019

Or How I Became The Room deals with uncontrollable physical manifestations and reflexes of the body, like goosebumps, blushing, stuttering, blinking, tremors and spasms. Leen Van Dommelen calls them betrayals because they feel as if the body...... Read more

25/03/2019 > 06/04/2019

During her research residency in workspacebrussels Charlotte Bouckaert wants to perform several experiments in which the static image is given the possibility to be performative. These experiments could result in an installation, video work or...... Read more

11/02/2019 > 22/02/2019

With Screws Alexander Vantournhout elaborates on his long-term research into the relationship between bodies and objects. How far does the autonomy of a human body extend? In a series of short microperformances Vantournhout explores the...... Read more

11/03/2019 > 15/03/2019

The chance to find yourself is a collaboration between two migrants from very different worlds. One is a German-speaking man from Tirol in northern Italy who has lived in Brussels for a few years; Benno Steinegger. The other, Jovial Mbenga, is from...... Read more

04/03/2019 > 31/03/2019

In her work, choreographer Stav Yeini fundamentally rethinks the codes of dance and performance. She creates multi-sensory spaces that allow and encourage the physical participation of the visitors. Through a sensorial choreography of sounds,...... Read more

18/02/2019 > 24/02/2019

Transtexting is a choreographic tool and collective writing score. It explores the body’s implication in poetic production of text, positioning the body and its movement as a listening aid, acting as a filter; a net capturing words, syntax and...... Read more