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Never Walk Alone: Travel Stories in Dance
13/10/2018 > 23/03/2019

With Never Walk Alone, CC Strombeek and workspacebrussels present a series of three evenings during which young choreographers hit the stage to share their work and travel stories with you. In dialogue with young visual artists and culinary...... Read more

In residency

14/01/2019 > 26/01/2019

Kim Snauwaert and Anyuta Wiazemsky are getting married. In addition to an actual marriage, their marriage is a long-term multidisciplinary artistic process in which Kim and Anyuta - as an unconventional couple and as artists - curate their love for...... Read more

17/12/2018 > 21/12/2018

Groupe Pluton is working on its first creation inspired by the following quotation from Kafka: ‘We have been expelled from Paradise but even so it has not been destroyed. This expulsion in a way is lucky, because if we hadn’t been...... Read more

28/01/2019 > 08/02/2019

Dingen is a nature documentary for the stage with objects as its protagonists instead of flora and fauna. Kinetic sculptures and objects that are driven by elements such as water, air and chemical reactions form their own habitat or biosphere....... Read more

28/01/2019 > 08/02/2019

Movement Essays is an encounter with dancer and choreographer Anneleen Keppens. Inspired by the personal essay in the tradition of writer Michel de Montaigne, she presents three ‘movement essays’ that each place a fundamental aspect of...... Read more

28/01/2019 > 02/02/2019

Rainbow is a project that questions identity and its multiple facets. During the last research phases this project has shown itself as multiple in its form. Four forms develop simultaneously containing the same building blocks and emerging from...... Read more

11/02/2019 > 22/02/2019

With Screws Alexander Vantournhout elaborates on his long-term research into the relationship between bodies and objects. How far does the autonomy of a human body extend? In a series of short microperformances Vantournhout explores the...... Read more

07/01/2019 > 18/01/2019

Meryem Bayram and Hans Demeulenaere quickly found each other in the idea of making a book together, each from their own practice. A book that reads like and refers to a performance. Their first common spatial form was the ‘point’. The...... Read more

10/12/2018 > 20/12/2018

Voice of Nature is a site-specific court case that investigates how legislation and justice can serve the threatened ecosystems of the earth, or: an artistic proposal for ecological justice. What legal basis exists for defending nature? How can we...... Read more