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Open Studio: Enkidu Khaled

Working Method Open Studio Enkidu uses his own story to allow the audience to interact in a creative way, bringing in their personal experiences. Using proven participatory techniques, performance and other forms of theater, he makes the...... Read more

Europalia Romania 2019: Florin Flueras & Alina Popa
21/11/2019 > 24/11/2019

Artworlds are mildly choreographed processes that are establishing as artworks not only products but production, research, curating, art making, forms of living. Artworlds are vague, they can be presented as events, products, performances,...... Read more

Never Walk Alone #9: 'Farmer Train Swirl' by Cassiel Gaube

Farmer Train Swirl - Étude is a kinesthetic and subjective investigation of the field of House dance - a style born in the clubs of Chicago & New York in the early eighties. This work springs from the desire to develop a dance...... Read more

Open Office

One day a month, Caravan Production, Hiros, workspacebrussels and invited guests join forces to meet Brussels-based artists and cultural workers who have questions about the realisation of their projects within the Flemish arts...... Read more

NEVER WALK ALONE #10 'Movement Essays' by Anneleen Keppens

Movement Essays is an encounter with dancer and choreographer Anneleen Keppens. Inspired by the personal essay in the tradition of writer Michel de Montaigne, she presents three ‘movement essays’ that each place a fundamental aspect...... Read more

NEVER WALK ALONE #11 'Haiti o Ayiti' by Cecilia Lisa Eliceche & Leandro Nerefuh

Ayiti, island of mountains, is where the Tainos lived when christopher columbus* arrived in 1492. Marking the beginning of the genocide, the brutal extractivism of the many territories of Abya Yala, and the transatlantic slave trade in connection...... Read more

In residency

5/11/2019 > 24/11/2019

Artworlds are mildly choreographed processes that are establishing as artworks not only products but production, research, curating, art making, forms of living. Artworlds are vague, they can be presented as events, products, performances, concepts,...... Read more

Festival residencies
27/11/2019 > 31/12/2019

This year, we welcome the following festival artists in our studios: Podcast Team, Laura Tinard, Emmilou Rössling, Andrea Zavala Folache, Oumar Dialo.... Read more

16/12/2019 > 22/12/2019

Hunter’s Lament, down to Memory Lane is a solo performance on the principle of appropriations of nature as much as art. From picking up a shell on a beach or a rock on a trail, to the rush of taking pictures of landscapes. We’re...... Read more

12/11/2019 > 15/11/2019

‘When I first invited the dancer Elizabeth Ward to work on what would become this piece, I did not know what it was going to be ‘about’ or what form it would have. What I did know, was that we were in March 2017 and that an...... Read more

4/11/2019 > 8/11/2019

If the jungle is a book, what will ours tell? The jungle is an infinite territory, in which the possible has another meaning, or perhaps none. Through which side of the jungle did they arrive to taste this dream? Each appearance is a wild...... Read more

04/11/2019 > 17/11/2019

"The problem of humanity can only be solved by constant fear."  Hassan Blasim, The Corpse Exhibition Fear is the engine of our daily routine and behavior. It is omnipresent in the media, in conversations, in opinions, in policy....... Read more

4/11/2019 > 8/11/2019

In Nakami Ikue Nakagawa translates her series of drawings 'ça va pas' using scenography and the body. This series of drawings represent all her thoughts, and triggered an intense discussion with herself. The drawings often depict a...... Read more

11/11/2019 > 23/11/2019

During this residency Hagar Tenenbaum will focus on processes of movement assimilation using principles of repetition. She is interested in two sources of movement: movement that is ascribed as dance, meaning a gesture that comes from the...... Read more

29/11/2019 > 17/12/2019

Since 2015, Elli and Maya have been making and researching videowalking as a creative tool for community building, proprioceptive expression, group composition, environment-based art, participatory design, choreography and counter-mapping. ...... Read more

18/11/2019 > 22/11/2019

Poems and Other Emergencies is a solo dance performance at the intersection of choreography and poetry. It centers around a figure: The Girl-with-her-tongue-out, through which an intensive female language emerges. Poems and Other...... Read more

19/11/2019 > 22/11/2019

Precarryus departs from an investigation into the movement possibilities of patients with Guillian-Barré syndrome and from the poetry of the Russian absurdist writer Daniil Kharms (1905-1942). It is an exploration of instability and...... Read more

12/11/2019 > 15/11/2019

In every sculpture and every monument there is an attempt to capture our convictions for eternity. And yet even stone erodes. What does a truth need to remain valid? In their sensitive duet Jeanne Colin and Killian Madeleine go in search of an...... Read more

The Oceanographies Institute
25/11/2019 > 13/12/2019

The Oceanographies Institute studies the relation between two kinds of bodies: the human body and the vast body of the ocean. It is interested in singular encounters with the ocean and the knowledge that is inherent in those encounters. The...... Read more

Through the grapevine
4/11/2019 > 8/11/2019

In the duet Through the grapevine, Alexander Vantournhout examines the formula of the pas de deux with Axel Guérin, who also performs in Red Haired Men (2018). “I heard it through the grapevine”; most people know this...... Read more