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Never Walk Alone: Travel Stories in Dance
13/10/2018 > 23/03/2019

With Never Walk Alone, CC Strombeek and workspacebrussels present a series of three evenings during which young choreographers hit the stage to share their work and travel stories with you. In dialogue with young visual artists and culinary...... Read more

In residency

14/01/2019 > 27/01/2019

In every sculpture or monument we build, there is an attempt to make our beliefs consistent for eternity. Yet even stone erodes. What does a truth need to stay valid? Killian Madeleine and Jeanne Colin have been looking at movement differently by...... Read more

14/01/2019 > 23/01/2019

In addition to a real marriage, "Between Us" is also a durational, multidisciplinary artistic process in which Kim and Anyuta – as an artistic couple – curate their marriage relationship. They married, among other things, so...... Read more

21/01/2019 > 25/01/2019

Groupe Pluton is working on its first creation inspired by the following quotation from Kafka: ‘We have been expelled from Paradise but even so it has not been destroyed. This expulsion in a way is lucky, because if we hadn’t been...... Read more

04/03/2019 > 15/03/2019

Calculated Risk uses various media (film, theatre, performance, installation and public intervention) to investigate how we - as human beings - constantly keep ourselves in balance, constantly threaten to fall, and how we simultaneously protect...... Read more

11/03/2019 > 22/03/2019

Wouter Krokaert’s art practice evolves around the observation and unravelling of his surroundings. The decision to use a certain medium, results from the desire to concentrate on an aspect of the whole. Thus, when drawing with pencil on paper,...... Read more

28/01/2019 > 08/02/2019

There is a long history in the arts of anthropomorphism in which we focus on the interests of humans and solely humans. Now is the time to, in the arts as well as more in general, take a step back and show empathy for our environment. We will have...... Read more

19/02/2019 > 03/03/2019

With L’Océan Clara Guémas conducts a sensitive research into the lives of some of the newcomers in Brussels. Mazina has just turned eighteen. She is curious, discovers the theatre, talks about her point of view as a woman, and...... Read more

18/02/2019 > 23/02/2019

Match is a duet that takes relation as sport and emotion as score. Two players test the grounds of competition itself, but the rules are always changing. Adapt or perish. Produce or perish.   First, we play by the rules: head-to-head,...... Read more

28/01/2019 > 08/02/2019

Movement Essays is an encounter with dancer and choreographer Anneleen Keppens. Inspired by the personal essay in the tradition of writer Michel de Montaigne, she presents three ‘movement essays’ that each place a fundamental aspect of...... Read more

28/01/2019 > 02/02/2019

Rainbow is a project that questions identity and its multiple facets. During the last research phases this project has shown itself as multiple in its form. Four forms develop simultaneously containing the same building blocks and emerging from...... Read more

11/02/2019 > 22/02/2019

With Screws Alexander Vantournhout elaborates on his long-term research into the relationship between bodies and objects. How far does the autonomy of a human body extend? In a series of short microperformances Vantournhout explores the...... Read more

28/01/2019 > 03/02/2019

Sparks of resistance is a performance that puts children and adults together in a dimension of interpretation of the body: the future, the past, the present and the death through palmistry on a stage. During the performance, the children (wearing...... Read more