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The exhibition walk, Changement de Point de Vue combines installations, prints, sculptures and videos by artists that generate a shift in our perspective and put us into motion. Whether in direct physical exploration of the world, or in more abstract experimentation, it seems as if there's never a final viewpoint that succeeds to capture the whole complexity of reality.  And you can take that quite literally. Diane Rabreau invites us to navigate blindly with her blackbox-car, and triggers your imagination with her travel stories in her latest installation La Plage aux Souches. But also Ariane Loze continuously shifts perspective in Movies on my Own, a movie project where she produces a shortfilm in 24h, executing all the roles herself. Gaëtan Rusquet choreographs a camera through his body and his surroundings, emphasizing the continuity between the inner and outer world. Meanwhile Matea Bakula composes abstract compositions where textures and patterns seem to become a kind of map, and the installation by Julien Fournet keeps printing answers to an unknown question.  

18-19 december 2015, Beursschouwburg, Brussels
in the context of Working Title Situation #03

Works by:
Matea Bakula, Benjamin Verhoeven, Sabbo Verleye, Rinus Van De Velde, France Distraction, Nick Steur, Sarah&Charles, Ariane Loze, Diane Rabreau, Tuur Marinus & Gaëtan Rusquet

Interventions by:
Alexander Nieuwenhuis, Stav Yeini, Anton Pyvovarov

Publications by:
Ariane Loze, Diane Rabreau, Matea Bakula, Hans Demeulenaere, Emi Kodama, Jozef Wouters, Dongyoung Lee, Ruta Butkute, and many more!

Coördination: Marnix Rummens
Production: workspacebrussels (Brussels)
Thanks to: Beursschouwburg (Brussels), L'Amicale de Production (Lille)