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The Reflecting Pool is a mix between a reading corner, an exhibition, a museum shop and a living room. It is the space where traces of all creative processes in workspacebrussels join into an ever-changing public source of inspiration. The Reflecting Pool gathers not only texts, films and artworks that have inspired artists throughout their oeuvre, it also puts new installations and special editions on display, and offers a stage for concerts, workshops, encounters and interventions. Dive in to the creative flow of the moment and discover where it leads you to!

During Working Title Situation #02, The Reflecting Pool -  i n f i n e t u d e  has focused on the many different ways in which artists are investigating the infinite reality that lies beyond our direct experience. On Friday choreographer Elisa Yvelin and researcher David Van Geert invite you to their workshops that will introduce you to various body practices that make us more receptive to our surroundings. Meanwhile visual artists Koyuki Kazahaya and Sarah Westphal will present new installation work in which the use of light gently shifts our perception. This motion will be further encouraged by the interventions of choreographer Salva Sanchis who will present excerpts from his Island series, a group of micro choreographies for one to six dancers which are able to infiltrate real life. And musician and visual artist Niko Hafkenscheid will present his performance installation Holy Words in which he retraces the most essential relations that language can establish with the infinite reality that surrounds us. At the end of the first festival night, Veli Lehtovaara and Ville Ahonen will take your breath away with their musical performance Clandestine Sites. The second night will come to an end with the rich and endlessly layered soundscapes composed by Lithuanian artist Lina Lapelyte.

11-12 december 2015, Kaaistudios, Brussels
in the context of Working Title Situation #02

Installations by:
Koyuki Kazahaya, Anthony McCall, Sarah Westphal, ...

Interventions by:
Salva Sanchis, Niko Hafkenscheid, ...

Workshops by:
Elisa Yvelin, David Van Geert, ...

Special editions by:
Gosie Vervloessem, Nick Steur, Charlotte Bouckaert, Benjamin Vandewalle, Kosi Hidama, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Erki De Vries & Pieter Huybrechts, Sarah & Charles, Tuur Marinus, Onno Blase, ...

Music by:
Stav Yeni, Niko Hafkenscheid, Ville Ahonen, Zen Jefferson, SUN, Lina Lapelyte, Anton Pyvovarov, ...

Publications by:
Fabrice Pichat, Emi Kodama, Hans Demeulenaere, Ruta Butkute, Jozef Wouters, Luanda Casella, Ayara Hernandez, Stefan Annerel, Ief Spincemaille, Lawrence
Malstaf, Diane Rabreau, Ariane Loze, Benjamin Vandewalle & Erki De Vries, ...