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(c) image Meggy Rustamova

W a i t i n g   f o r   t h e   S e c r e t

An exhibition by Stephan Balleux, Filip Berte, Charlotte Bouckaert, Celine Butaye, Erki De Vries, Nina De Vroome, Nazanin Fakoor, Niko Hafkenscheid, Pablo Castilla & Hedvig Biong, Rumiko Hagiwara, Johan Govaerts, Pieter Huybrechts, Philip Janssens, Emi Kodama, Wouter Krokaert, Meggy Rustamova, Steve Salembier, Elina Salminen, Kato Six, Karl Van Welden, Sarah Westphal

The exhibition Waiting for the Secret brings together various artworks that open up new perspectives on the world that surrounds us. Through silence and simplicity these installations, paintings, videos, photos and drawings, add a sense of wonder to the scenery of our daily life. Allow your gaze to be turned around and discover that reality accomodates more than just the spaces that we know.

December 2-23 @ Les Halles St-Géry
Open every day from 10:00 - 21:00
free entrance

Opening: December 2, 18:00 - 22:00
++ opening performance by Benjamin Vandewalle


Waiting for the Secret is part of How I improved my Winter in Brussels, a temporary gallery for Brussels artists and designers organized by workspacebrussels, Les Halles St-Géry and BME.