Working Title Festival - Mar 2017 - Work Space Brussels

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Working Title Festival - Mar 2017


04-05 March @ Recyclart

Workspacebrussels is a workspace for performance and live arts in their most diverse forms. Together with independent artists, we explore how the meeting of various disciplines such as performance, dance, installation art, music, and visual art can lead up to new art forms and new ways to exchange with the audience. Thanks to our collaborations with Kaaitheater, Rosas, Les Brigittines, Ultima Vez, Recyclart and Beursschouwburg, we are a creative breeding ground that connects with very different parts of Brussels.

During Working Title Festival, we invite you to discover some of the most intriguing artist initiatives in Brussels!
Come and celebrate the spirit of discovery during a weekend of performances, exhibitions & concerts!

Perisphere & Inter-face by Benjamin Vandewalle

 A series of one-on-one installations that make you experience the city as never before

Pure / Big Future by Christian Bakalov

An intimate guided tour that revitalizes your senses

Satelitour by Diane Rabreau

A lecture-performance-walking-brunch that opens up a satellite's perspective on the neighbourhood

Installation Parcours

A series of poetical interventions in and around Recyclart
by Miho Dekameron, Niko Hafkenscheid, Pablo Castilla & Hedvig Biong,
Tuur & Flup Marinus, Yasuaki Onishi, Hans Andreas R,
Diane Rabreau, Karl Van Welden, Sarah Westphal

Column by Karl Van Welden

A meditative installation in the shape of a monumental ash-rain

A Matter of Animated Mountain by Gosie Vervloessem & Frances Adair McKenzie

A humoristic and hands-on performance where you discover what dissection of big animals can teach us about the world

AAP by Benjamin Op de Beeck

A theater performance inspired by Kafka about a monkey became a human

Ce Qui Nous Lie by Stephanie Laforce & Lea Tremblay Fong

A site-specific performance where the stretching of big rubber bands shifts your auditive perception

Concert by SUN

A shot of epic optimistic electro-pop with drops of soul, live sax and trip hop

Concert by Tandaapushi

A shot of avant-disco-trance

Dj-set by Empty Taxi
Vast soundscapes linking very different cultures, eras and styles

D a y t i c k e t   =   € 6
n o   p r e - s a l e

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