Andrea Pellejero



Andrea Pellejero graduated as an actress in 2019 at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. She has been amember of Las Huecas until 2016 (Antic teatre, La Infinita de l'Hospitalet, TNT Terrassa) whereshe began her professional career as a stage creator. In 2019, she created her first piece as adirector, Solo vine a bañarme. The same year, she directed Cartografía del cos estrany (Sala LaPlaneta, El Canal de Girona). In 2020, she joined La Línea, a residence company in Teatre Lliurewith José y la Barcelona disidente as assistant director. At the same time, she has worked as anactress in the following companies: Cia Potcuia, Ramona de Van Der Bürg, Cia Atsaras, GenovesaNarratives Teatrals, LaBoiaTeatre, Perpoc Marionetes, Eudald Ferré and Matitotitelles.