smoking and the rest

Coproductie 2023
Mattie Wang & Sophie de Serière - smoking and the rest 16:9

During this performance residency, Mattie and Sophie will spend two months in the psycho-social center St. Alexius, paying attention to things that are barely perceptible or have been overlooked. Together they want to look further into their practice concerning disappearance and the double meaning of dwelling as a place of rest as well as pondering.

By gathering charged materials like cigarette ashes, conversations with residents and nurses, and the small but significant movements that occur in the centre, they will create sculptures and performances that are blur and yet transformative.

They would also like to better understand how knowledge systems such as medicine and physiology codify experiences of a ‘self’ — how are bodies diagnosed with particular conditions in relation to ‘normality’, and how these diagnoses grant or take away agency.


Revisit the KAOS Talk by Mattie Wang and Sophie de Serière here. The talk took place on 16.05.2023 at Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent.

About the KAOS residencies

KAOS 16:9

KAOS develops art projects with artists who may or may not be psychologically vulnerable and has a residency programme in psychiatry. In collaboration with workspacebrussels, a number of long term residencies are organized each year.

Van en met: Mattie Wang & Sophie de Serière - Met de steun van: workspacebrussels, KAOS, St Alexius


05.04.2023 - 16.06.2023