Nana Biluš Abaffy

Nana Biluš Abaffy


Nana Biluš Abaffy (1985, Croatia) is an artist with a background in philosophy and a foreground in experimental performance and dance. Abaffy takes a maximalist approach to artistic endeavour and works through dance, text, play, moving image and social intervention. She is interested in the pursuit of knowledge through embodiment and wants to know what her body is looking for. Abaffy believes that there is irreducible variation in the human experience and works towards establishing a space for that difference in search of landscapes where alterities can be envisioned. She is the founding member of a secretive collective that performs in explicitly illicit spaces and enjoys engaging in ChoreoGraphic acts of extreme tree hugging and site specific protest dancing.

Currently she is making work in collaboration with artist Parvin Saljoughi for the upcoming Tehran Contemporary Sculpture Biennial; and the 2020 Next Wave Festival at Chunky Move in Australia.
Recent 2019 collaborative works with Parvin include performative & video based pieces which were presented at: Giardino Segreto in the Palazzo Durini in Milan, as part of the exhibition 'Rooze Mabada', in collaboration with ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative and Flash Art; at Centrale Fies Art Work Space as part of the Live Works Performance Award/Drodesera Festival; at Arts House Melbourne as part of CultureLab artist residency.

Also in 2019, Nana presented work at the biennial Dance Massive Festival in Australia; and was an Arts House CultureLab artist in residence. Last year, she was a finalist in the Keir Choreographic Award, with work presented at Dancehouse Melbourne and Carriageworks Sydney; made work for Santarcangelo Festival in Italy; Melbourne Festival of Live Art; Runway Experimental Art Magazine; and was invited by Brussels Kunstenfestivaldesarts to undertake the res+ref artist residency.
Nana is a Zagreb born, Melbourne+Brussels based alien. Make contact.