With L’Océan Clara Guémas conducts a sensitive research into the lives of some of the newcomers in Brussels.

Clara Guémas - L'Océan 16:9

Mazina has just turned eighteen. She is curious, discovers the theatre, talks about her point of view as a woman, and then hears that she is being sent back to the country she fled. Since then she has been without trace. How do we deal with all these disappearances?

Guémas continued to work on her project with four men, examining their views on women and on the situation of women in their countries of origin and here in Belgium. The ocean in the title stands for the immense water, but also for waves that burst into droplets.

Concept: Clara Guémas — With: Mazina, Mohamed Diallo, Mohamed Elgddal, Nasser Kmail, Hasibullah Mohammadi — Dancers: Anna Calsina Forrellad, Benoît Armange — Supported by: workspacebrussels



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