Omen is a service to spaces and their ghosts. It is a sensory performance, a poetry concert by Ingrid Vranken and Nahuel Cano. Understanding linear time as a (colonial) violence; we look at cultures and thinkers who describe time as thick and layered, circular or branching off into parallel timelines. Can an experience of non-linear time allow us to ‘read’ our surroundings, looking for an omen from possible futures?

Ingrid Vranken & Nahuel Cano - OMEN 16:9

The Western worldview describes time as linear, and as individuals growing up within this worldview, we experience time this way. However within quantumphysics, certain indigenous worldviews, spiritual practices and certain branches of philosophy, time is described as thick, layered, circular or branching off into different timelines. Can our bodies and minds experience these other possibilities of time? And what does that do to our understanding of the world, the other and the actions we can take in life? Can we hear the possible futures wispering to us?
Within this sensory performance we want to induce the conditions to experience time differently. Evoking oracular stories from past and future we propose to take you on a trip of sounds, touch and storytelling, so you might find an omen.

A first exploratory residency was conducted at Studio Alta in Prague (summer 2021). The project will be presented as part of the NorthEastSouthWest festival in Hellerau (Dresden) in september 2022.

Creation & Research: Ingrid Vranken & Nahuel Cano — Residency support: workspacebrussels


31.01.2022 - 05.02.2022