How to apply for a residency

Are you an artist, researcher or art worker in the field of performing arts, and are you looking for a studio or workspace in Brussels? Once a year we invite you to share a research or project proposal with us via our open call.

Kasper Vandenberghe © Kris Dewitte
Kasper Vandenberghe © Kris Dewitte

What does workspacebrussels offer?

Our residency programme offers free workspace for research, exchange and creation in the performing arts.

  • Studio space. When a project is selected, we search together for the right space in the right period. Thanks to our partnerships, we have a number of weeks of studio space available each year at various locations in the city. The calendar changes from month to month, so the planning is made according to availability.
  • Technical material. The studios are not technically equipped and no technical assistance is foreseen. To the extent possible, we do provide basic technical material, such as a sound system, micro, projector and so on.
  • Accommodation. We provide accommodation for non-Belgian residents (max. 4p. depending on the availability in our guesthouse).
  • Budget. We provide an expense allowance.
  • Sharing. Residents are welcome to share their research, practice or work with the team and/or their co-residents at the end of the residency. This can also take the form of a (semi)public try-out.
  • Lunch. Every Tuesday we invite all residents who are working in the studios at that moment for an artists' lunch, together with the team of workspacebrussels.
  • Food for thought. Our library is open to all residents and is developed on the basis of their suggestions.

How to apply

There are two types of residency: a studio residency and an embedded residency in the healthcare sector. There is a separate call for both types. The application form is posted online two months before the application deadline.

Type #1: Studio Residency

  • Suitable for research or creation on the floor
  • Location: Ultima Vez, Rosas, Kaaistudios or Les Brigittines (view studios)
  • Duration: one to three weeks (multiple residencies are sometimes possible)
  • Accommodation: only for non-Belgian residents, max. 4 people depending on availability in our guesthouse
  • The January 2023 round is closed. The result will be announced personally to all candidates no later than March 1.
  • Next deadline: to be decided.

Type #2: Embedded Residency in the health sector

  • Embedded residency in a psycho-social day care centre
  • Location: KAOS / PSC St.-Alexius (1050 Elsene / Ixelles)
  • Duration: compact (two weeks) or in-depth (two months)
  • Accommodation: optional in a cohousing together with seven persons with a mental vulnerability
  • Next deadline: to be announced by the end of 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply more than once?

It is possible to submit multiple applications at the same time for different projects. Please be aware that it is not possible to submit more than two rounds for the same project. A third application in a row for the same project is therefore not admissible.

Selection & feedback

The selection is made by a rotating duo. All applications are treated equally and will receive an answer no later than 2 months after the deadline. Unfortunately we receive many more requests than we have space available. Although we are grateful for the many inspiring and exciting project proposals we receive each year, personal feedback after a negative answer is therefore not possible.

Kim Snauwaert & Anyuta Wiazemsky © Trui Hanoulle
Kim Snauwaert & Anyuta Wiazemsky © Trui Hanoulle