Wild Explosion of Radical Softness

Coproduction 2024
© Maria Ferreira Silva
© Maria Ferreira Silva

Wild Explosion of Radical Softness is a performative practice that uses galleries and outdoor spaces as dance studios and co-working environments. It treats the body as a craft material and a fabric as its partner to explore through movement, concepts of formation, transformation, explosion, and non-linear time. It borrows its methodology from visual arts to create ephemeral movement sketches that resonate in space and activate a living archive through the body. This work-sessions are a dance or a collection of dances emerging from a movingthinking practice and a movement research methodology in itself. Dances that wish to displace the center and acknowledge periphery, allowing the body to transcend and be anchored in no less than the power of the erotic, existing in its full force between “chaos and the power of our deepest feelings” (Audrey Lorde).

In her choreographic practice, Maria researches the notion of plasticity to unfold relations between beings and things, inviting movement around and through them. She understands plasticity not only as the capacity to simultaneous give and receive form, but also as a form of expression, and a quality from which to attend relations. This work draws influences and support from neuroscience, gender and queer studies, and posthumanist theory using them as fertilizers for cells, fluids, muscles and bones. Wild Explosion of Radical Softness situates itself retro-actively and navigates through memory and citation engaging the viewer in multiple temporalities. It plays with scale, perspective, the visible and the invisible to investigate the notion of singular (not of individual) and collective as means of affirming their interdependency. It brings forward the entanglement of matter in Anthropocentric times and wishes to challenge the collective understanding of spacetimematter.

Concept and Performance: Maria Ferreira Silva - Residencies: workspacebrussels - Co-production: Charleroi Danse - Special thanks to: Martin Hargreaves, Chrysa Parkinson & Martin Soderkamp


02.05.2024 - 10.05.2024

Les Brigittines

16.10.2023 - 22.10.2023

Ultima Vez

28.06.2023 - 30.06.2023


Past events

Wild Explosion of Radical Softness (work session)

2.07.2023 16:00 - 19:00

Sportstrand (Ostend)