Plum Road Tea Dream

Samuel Baidoo - Plum Road Tea Dream 16:9

During the first lockdown, Samuel started building inside the online videogame Minecraft. Minecraft became a virtual space in which to organise their artistic work, accounts of personal experiences, thoughts & observations. The online videogame as a mental space for introspection, archiving, processing and healing.

Building in Minecraft often became an ode to or a way to process ceratin worldly events, personal memories or trauma's. Themes that surfaced in the first research period are: grief & mourning, motherhood, touch between male bodies, gender identity and the power of names.

With this content that came to be inside the safe space that Minecraft provided Plum Road Tea Dream will now be translated into an autobiographical videogame.

During their residency at workspacebrussels, Samuel will be preparing for the creation of the virtual spaces that will be the base of videogame by creating sketches, mock-ups and maquettes.

In the long run, Plum Road Tea Dream will become a performance in which the audience follows and invited gamer as they discover these virtual spaces that together make up the sanctuary Samuel started referring to as Plum Road Tea Dream.

Concept & creation: Samuel Baidoo - Collaborations: Francois Vincent, Pepijn Willekens, Matthias Willemen, Hussein Shikha, Kara Leva, Dimitra Sofroniou - Produced by: Wired Sheep & Hanafubuki - Productional support: Marie Luyten - Distribution: Vincent Company - With the support of: VAF - Thanks to: Het Bos, CAMPO, STUK, C-takt, wpZimmer, De Studio, STORMOPKOMST, De Grote Post, workspacebrussels, De Singel



15.05.2023 - 28.05.2023